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Ed and Bergal began playing together in Junior High School. They played mostly pop covers to the best of their ability, increasing their skill day by day. They joined up with 2 local musicians, the Barr brothers, and Ed played keyboard. They played one gig before they dismembered. Ed began playing bass after that and then 6 string guitar. They would borrow drummers for shows until they got Ryan Carnes where they played all summer of 2000, but never gigged. Carnes left and Ed & Berg went back to borrowing drummers for shows. Berg had an art class with Kenny their Junior year, and he talked to Kenny about the show he and Ed had coming up at the Saukette competition. Kenny wasn't sure about joining, but then Berg gave him a drum key for his birthday and he joined the band. They played together twice before their first show, and Kenny wasn't very good. But the only reason he remained in the band was because of his cover of Neil Young's "Keep on Rockin in the Free World". They have had many gigs since then and managed to stay together through tough battles of yit-dit-dee's and other arguments. Over the summer they have written many good originals as well as doing creative covers now that Kenny has aquired some skill. Their next move is to record some of their music and hopefully get a record deal so they can quit school and make billions of dollars. I love the way you rock me to the core...

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