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We played this show on Sunday, June 23, 2002 in Danville, IL for some church thing. I'm not really sure what it was for, but it wasn't a very good show. We took 3 vehicles on a 3 hour trip. One van contained Mr. and Mrs. Bergstrand and the equipment, the other van contained Chris, myself (Kenton), Matt, Janille, Bradley, my brother Kyle, and the other roadie Derrick (Halpo). The car which lead us had Mrs. Shana Edison, Gabby, Dawn, and some guy whose identy I have to idea about, other than he's related to Dawn. We played for about an hour in a church which was under construction on a stage with the worst acoustics possible. After the trip we didn't really have the drive to play to our fullest, so basically we sucked. After we were done, a punk band played that was called Weeble. 100 dollars later we were on our way back home, making up beats in a style which Stomp would do, and discussing things such as rhymes and Ron Jeremy.