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8th Grade Graduation

May 21st, 2002 was a day when 8th grader's became high schoolers. To celebrate, they had a party at the bowling alley and we were there to entertain and delight. I think we played for an hour or two, and thanks to Halpo and Kyle we sold 50 cd's in one night. We sold 50 more a day later at the clash of the classes, but we don't have pics from that show. The 8th grade girls were all over Ed, so he's a Junior High teen idol. When we got there, we had our stuff blocking the food room, so they made us move up on one of the alleys, which was kinda cool. Also the bowling alley supplied us with huge speakers for our PA. We even wrote a graduation song, with kind of a punk flavor for this event only. This was a pretty good show, and you're lucky if you were there.