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Matt James was born on December 14, 1984. Some may say December 14 could be the most important day in history, as a legacy was born. He grew up in Pittsfield for all of his 17 years of life. Currently he attends school at Pittsfield High School graduating with the class of 2003, one year younger than the rest of his bandmates. To Sicsam, a bass sound wasn't important for about a year. Then on a day that changed the world, Matt came and jammed with the band for the first time. Magic happened, the planets aligned, and Sicsam became the best kept secret in rock and roll. Matt joined up with the trio in late February of 2002, making it a quartet. At first the band didn't know how Matt would work out, but knew that they would never have the same sound without a bass. We liked to think of it as "Sicsam accompanied by the bass player Matt James", but slowly he's gaining acceptance into the band as he plays more shows with us and records with us.

Matt lives a very busy life and interesting life. One of the two members of Sicsam having a job, he will become the one to supply funds along with Kenton, although he'll never make as much cash as Kenton. Currently employed at County Market, a grocery store here in Pittsfield, Matt works hard to make a living and pay off his beautiful maroon pickup truck. When he's not stocking shelves or playing his bass, he's with his girlfriend, Heather Allen. Heather is a citizen of Milton, Illinois where Matt visits quite often to be with his girl. The two are very passionate over each other. Matt's home life can be pretty interesting, having only one sibling; a younger brother. Marc is his brother's name, and his parents obviously like kids with names that start with M. Marc is also into music but unlike Matt plays drums. Marc is a very talented drummer for his age and should be able to school Kenton in a couple years. But the focus here is Matt. He has quite a few hobbies. He enjoys causing mischeif with his friends like smashing pumpkins and TPing, he also enjoys playing video games yet also loves the outdoors. A trademark of Matt's is flipping people off, probably one of his favorite things to do. You can bet that where ever you see Matt, you'll also see a middle finger.

Matt James, to say the least, is a very interesting person. The musical prodigy that keeps America begging for more. His musical talent mixed with his personality of a god makes him the greatest person alive from the beginning of time until the end of it. Just remember one thing:

Matt = bass.