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Please come to Phillstock, our very last show.

Place Date Time
"The Return of Phillstock", in Pleasant Hill August 10, 2002 Show starts at noon, we play fourth at around 2 O'Clock.

Got a gig for us? Email us at

Some of our past shows:

PCS Gym, Feb. or March of 2001 I think.
Our first show as "sicsam". Ed and Berg were going to play a duo for the dance competition and Kenton joined up with em at the last minute to play drums, thus forming Sicsam.

Cole Foote's party, spring of 2001.
Some of you may have been there, it was pretty cool.

PHS afterprom, late spring of 2001.
I wouldn't really call that a show, we played 3 songs while people counted chips, but we still played.

Main Street Teen dance on the courthouse lawn, early summer 2001.
This is when we first started making the papers. We played an hour set in some nice weather.

Another Main Street Teen dance, midsummer 2001.
We shared the stage with Spoon during Pig Days.

Phillstock in Pleasant Hill, not long after the show we had with Spoon.
We saved Tony Peck by playing first instead of second to last due to other bands showing up late, and it worked out pretty cool.

Nebo Vin Fiz, late summer 2001
We play for at least 11 people from 9:30 PM to 11:30 PM

The bowling alley, October 2001
We played an incredibly long set, for about the same amount of people as there was at the Nebo show. It was fun though.

Many shows that I don't feel like listing between October of 2001 and August of 2002.

We've had some other minishows in the basement where we jam, including "dave day 2001", where some of our devoted fans (like Fox) hang out and listen to us.